6 Bad Habits Your Sacramento Plumber wants you to stop doing

Some plumbing problems are necessarily not your fault, but others are as a result of bad habits that you can avoid. Such practices are minor and avoidable and can help you reduce the frequency of calls you make for a Sacramento plumbing service.

Just like it would be in any other town or city, Plumbers in Sacramento are a full-time service. When you notice some leaks, clogs or other minor issues on your pipes, you don’t have to panic. You will get reliable plumbers who will fix your problem. However, here are six bad habits that your Sacramento plumber wants you to stop doing to minimize plumbing issues.

Ignoring minor leaks

Ignoring minor leaks might be a significant cause of your plumbing problem. Minor leaks might be a little concern at the moment, but a threat to your plumbing in the long run. If left unattended, they might cause significant problems like flooring and damages to the drywall.

Avoid using Drano

Use of chemical solutions and Drano are not the best solutions for your clogged drains. On the contrary, they eat away the pipes and can as well pose a significant danger to your health. Avoiding this habit helps stop further plumbing problems.

Avoid treating toilets like garbage Cans.

Tossing non-degradable items like feminine hygiene products in the toilet is the worst habit that plumbers hate. Makeup removal pads and toilet scrubbers are the ultimate causes of plumbing problems in the bathrooms. They end up blocking the drainage pipes and results in flooding.

Ignoring the location of the main water valves.

Ignorance of where the main water valves are is a threat to the plumbing systems. Knowing the location of every water valve and emergency shut-off valves is vital.Even before a plumber arrives, shutting these valves stops most damages and makes the plumber’s work easier.

Overloading the Garbage disposal

Pouring grease in your garbage disposal will eventually clog and block the drainage. Foodstuffs like celery and potato peels will prevent water passage and cause flooding. Avoid pushing too many foods in the drainage as they will block drainage and be the cause of your plumbing problems.

Skipping the routine practices

Personal inspection of the plumbing systems can go a long way in preventing major plumbing issues. Evaluating the pipes and all the water issues help detect problems before it is late and prevents further development of damages.

The above are just six of the bad habits that your plumber wants you to stop doing. Are there other bad habits that you or people in your locality do and you feel they contribute to plumbing problems? Kindly leave a comment and let us hear your opinion.