About Oak Plumbing

Oak Plumbing provides excellent service in Contra Costa & Solano Counties.

Oak Plumbing, based in Walnut Creek and Vacaville, has fifty-plus years of combined experience in the plumbing and construction industries. After growing tired of seeing customers treated like numbers, Oak Plumbing has vowed to bring customer service back to the plumbing industry.

Led by operations manager Chad Ray, this experienced team of certified technicians will come in and not only address the symptom, but diagnose the cause of your plumbing issue. In addition to fixing the immediate issue, Oak Plumbing will also provide options to prevent, repair, and maintain the system to best fit the customers’ needs.

Oak Plumbing has background and training to solve any number of plumbing issues in Contra Costa and Solano counties, including:

Rootering and Snaking
Snake drains in kitchens or bathrooms to remove clogs and restore water flow.

Water heaters
Full water heater inspection, including repair and improvements to make it work more efficiently.

Plumbing repairs
Perform maintenance on sewers and drains, including pipe issues, toilets, showers, and more.

Oak Plumbing is prepared for a plumbing problem of any scale. They are available around the clock to repair an emergency plumbing situation, or schedule an appointment for an inspection or other repair.

Every technician at Oak Plumbing is certified by a Master Plumber, and goes through an extensive background check and drug test. “We always guarantee we hire the most reputable technicians, to offer great service and customer experience to all,” said owner and founder Matt Harris. Family-owned and locally operated, their number one priority is to keep families in Contra Costa & Solano counties safe. As members of these communities themselves, maintaining their integrity as upstanding citizens is key.

This team will work tirelessly to ensure customers are satisfied with their service. Oak Plumbing will go above and beyond to not only solve the immediate problem, but provide adjustments and improvements to keep it from happening again. They don’t just put a bandage on the solution, instead offering long-term repairs that keep homes beautiful for years to come.

Lots of plumbing companies are out there to rip-off customers and make an easy buck. Oak Plumbing is working to change that image, by providing excellent customer service as well as superior plumbing repairs.