Benicia Landmark Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

When traveling to smaller towns and staying outside of larger city limits, hotel selection can be challenging.  It is typically nice to experience the local culture in this situation and a bit of a home away from home by staying at a Bed & Breakfast or smaller hotel.  This is often the case when traveling nearby Benicia, as the larger corporate hotels have options but not as many as a large city.  A bed and breakfast is a way to learn about the town history from locals who own it and host breakfast every day for travelers.  Here is a list of a few smaller places to stay on your next vacation to Northern California.

1. The Inn at Benicia Bay

This Victorian style bed and breakfast is exactly what would be expected of such a quaint cozy place to stay.  It was built in 1854 so it is over 100 years old and has all the charm and character preserved from that time era.  The location is excellent being near the water and within walking distance to shops and restaurants nearby.  The rooms are decorated in a classic mid-century manner and the service is excellent to get to know your hosts who take pride in the city and know a lot about its history.  The sister property is The Shorelight Inn also close by in downtown Benicia, California.

2. Shorelight Inn

With a waterfront location including views of Benicia Bay, this is a great Bed and Breakfast to stay at when visiting Northern California or Benicia.  The food has been given great reviews, as well as compliments to the staff on friendly attentiveness.  For a truly authentic experience in a great location to feel as if you are home while traveling, then the Shorelight Inn will do the trick.  It is a smaller Inn so rooms do fill up during vacation seasons including Winter and Summer so planning ahead is best to ensure you get the room of your choice and stay as long as you like.

3. The Union Hotel

The Union Hotel is centrally located on the popular 1st Street in downtown Benicia.  With rooms decorated with classic furnishings and all amenities you can imagine, this is a great place to stay.  There is a continental breakfast served every morning for your convenience to stop in and grab a bite before continuing on with sight-seeing or further travels. The Union Hotel is also located near the water for beautiful morning walks, and not far from many shops and restaurants nearby.  It is a classic hotel that has been around for a long time and it is on the smaller side to ensure a quaint and personal experience that a small town is typically known for.

4. The Burlington Hotel

Surviving over a century, The Burlington Hotel is full of rich history literally and figuratively.  A man named Bill Rich saved the town from condemnation in the 1970s after it was a hustling and bustling port in the early 1900’s.  The Burlington Hotel was once a 5-star location and thanks to being preserved, it still stands with doors open unlike the vast majority of other hotels in the area.  With the location being near the water, it is a beautiful and quiet place to stay when visiting Benicia.  It has all the features of an old hotel with creaky grand staircase, spooky upper reaches of high ceilings, and funky velvet wallpaper.  The visit itself will be a bit of history to take back home as it is not everyday landmark buildings are visited and stayed in.  The restoration has been performed however just with a few touches of the old times remain within and hope to for years to come.