Local Fun In The Sun

The weather in Benicia is pretty standard for Northern California. It can have foggy mornings and warm up in the afternoon hours of the day, then cool down again at night.  However, it does not rain as much as it does in states located North of California, so activities outdoors are still in full swing.  Here is a list of a few activities that both locals and tourists enjoy year round.

1. California Magic Dinner Theater

Great reviews are plentiful for the California Magic Dinner Theater.  Attendees really enjoy the up close and personal interaction as magicians are right next to your table as you dine.  The food is well prepared too for a night of fun, great experiences, and fine dining.  This is a perfect outing if you are visiting family in the area, or are traveling with a group so all can enjoy the fun that is offered in all types of magic performances, tricks, and shows at this classic dinner theater.

  1. 2. Farmers Market – Thursdays 4 pm – 8 pm

A farmers market is an excellent way to get farm fresh food from local suppliers and get out of the house to see various street vendors who also display their goods.  When visiting a new city such as Benicia, this is the perfect way to learn about the area from locals themselves.  If you are staying in a vacation rental it is easy to buy a few farm fresh goods and snacks to enjoy at your cabin, room rental, or hotel as well.

  1. 3. Benicia Peddlers Fair – Summertime event

Summertime is the perfect time to have a street fair.  The Peddler’s Fair in Benicia does it right with street vendors lining up down 1st Street offering vintage items, clothes, food, handmade crafts and more.  This is a great activity that the entire family can enjoy if you are traveling with kids.  There is always something to see and enjoy at street fairs, and thousands of people travel for this one in Benicia.  A word to the wise is to wear comfy shoes since you will likely do a lot of walking and standing visiting all the vendors as well as shops located on the same street.

  1. 4. Benicia Ghost Walk

Apparently certain areas of Benicia have been said to have some spooky activity.  This Ghost Walk tour will assign you and your guests a guide to see a few of the local areas that are known spots with paranormal activity.  It is likely some are old hotels and houses that have lasted over a century.  The reviews seem to change annually so ask for a good guide that is well versed in the area and interested in showing visitors the scary sights.

  1. 5. The Office Speakeasy & Piano Lounge

This is a true speakeasy that has been reopened if only the walls could talk!  It has great reviews online that state it is a true gem and experience for Benicia.  There is a dress code so be sure to wear your Sunday best or attire appropriate for the roaring 1920’s.  The menu has been changed but also has a good review as well as new twists on famous past beverages.  It is great for groups or a fun night out for a good time that will take you back to the old times.