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Crockett Water Line Repair


Does your home have a damaged water line? Water line leaks affect the pipes that connect your home to the local water supply, causing leaks inside or outside your home, a reduction in water pressure and even the complete disconnection of your home from the water main.

We offer a complete range of water line repair services. Our technicians can identify the location of a water line leak, carry out a full inspection and replace the damaged parts of the water line to restore your home’s access to the main water supply line.

Our services are available for residential and commercial customers throughout Marin, Contra Costa, and Solano County. For more information, please contact us directly on 877-959-7030 to speak to our experienced team.

Does Your Home Have a Damaged Water Line?

If you notice any of the signs of a damaged water line, it’s important that you take action right away to prevent damage to your property.

Water lines can break for a variety of reasons. During winter, freezing cold temperatures could cause the contents of the pipe to freeze, resulting in damage to the line that subsequently leads to it breaking.

It’s also possible for tree roots to grow near or into your water line, causing it to break open. In some cases, nearby construction and excavation can damage the water line, while some pipes can break open due to old age and regular wear and tear.

The signs of a broken water line include a significant reduction in water pressure and large leaks in your yard or around your driveway. Sometimes, water that leaks out from the line can result in paving, bricks and tiles become loose, unstable and wet.

For smaller, less immediately obvious leaks, you may also notice an increase in the amount you need to pay each month for your home’s water bill.

Many water line leaks can be confirmed by checking your home’s water meter. If the meter ticks up even with all faucets, showers and other water-using appliances switched off, there’s a real risk that your property might have a water line leak.

While all burst pipes require attention, damaged water lines need to be fixed particularly quickly, as the high level of water pressure can cause significant damage not only to your property but also to other properties in the surrounding area.

We Can Repair Your Damaged Water Line in Crockett

Our Crockett experienced team specializes in pipe repair and can quickly replace your broken water line with a newer, stronger pipe that’s more resistant to damage.

Our water line repair and replacement process start by switching off your home’s connection to the local water line, preventing further leaks and property damage. We can then view the entire line using a drain inspection camera to locate the exact position of any line damage.

We offer a variety of solutions for repairing damaged water lines. In some cases, such as minor damage to pipes, a local repair solution can quickly fix the problem. For more severe breakages, we can completely replace the damaged water line connection.

Our pipe replacement techniques include trenchless pipe installation, which requires minimal excavation around your yard, driveway or garden.

We can also take steps to significantly reduce the risk of water line damage occurring at any point in the future, such as upgrading your home’s water pipes to higher quality, more durable materials or installing insulation around outside pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Contact Us Now

We specialize in detecting and repairing water line leaks in homes and commercial buildings throughout Northern California. With locations in Marin, Contra Costa and Solano County, we can respond rapidly and efficiently to your needs and provide fast, immediate service.

If you’re concerned about a potential water line leak on your property, please call us now on 877-959-7030 to speak to a member of our Crockett plumbing team.

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Locally owned and operated, our team utilizes family values while servicing your home. All our technicians are 100% certified by our in house Master Plumber, back-round checked, and drug tested for your family’s safety. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you and we look forward to taking care of all your plumbing needs!

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