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Larkspur Pond Installation


Do you have a damaged or non-working fountain that’s in need of repair? We offer a full range of fountain repair and maintenance services, from fountain water treatment to debris removal, pump and filter repair or replacement, chlorine and pH testing and more.

From residential home and garden fountains to fountains in commercial buildings and public spaces, our experienced team has completed hundreds of fountain repair and maintenance projects throughout Marin County and the surrounding area.

Do you need help with your fountain? Please contact us now on 877-959-7030 to speak to a member of our team and learn more about our fountain repair, maintenance, replacement and other services.

Our Larkspur Fountain Repair Services

We offer a complete range of fountain repair services, from cleaning and debris removal to pump, filter, piping and heater repair and replacement. A complete list of our services can be found below:

Fountain Cleaning

Is your fountain dirty or affected by debris? Our experienced team can remove leaves, dirt, garden waste and other debris from your fountain, preventing damage to your pump due to excess debris.

We also offer full Larkspur fountain cleaning services and can remove algae, calcium and other water contaminants from your fountain. From brushing and scrubbing to treating the water directly, we’re committed to keeping your fountain clean, aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

For more information on our fountain cleaning services, please call our expert team now on 877-959-7030.

Fountain Pump, Filter, and Other Part Repair

When the equipment that operates your fountain stops working as it should, it’s essential that you seek out an experienced repair technician as soon as possible.

We offer a full range of fountain pump, filter, heater, flow meter and other equipment repair and replacement services. In some cases, our team may recommend replacing certain components with newer equipment as part of the repair process.

As one of the Marin County area’s top fountain repair and plumbing providers, we can provide a wide range of fountain pumps, filters, and other equipment in the event your fountain needs parts replacements.

Whether your fountain is small or large, we’re here to restore or replace damaged components and bring it back to perfect working condition.

Fountain Treatment

Is your fountain water starting to look unclean? We offer a fountain water treatment service and can test your fountain water’s pH and chlorine levels to ensure it maintains the perfect levels of essential chemicals for safe, clear water.

Our experienced team will check your fountain using a series of tests, then treat the fountain water based on the results to ensure it’s clear, clean and safe.

Contact Us Now

When your fountain isn’t working as expected, it’s important that you take action quickly to avoid further damage to its equipment and contents. From residential properties to fountains in public and commercial spaces, our experienced team is here to help.

With four locations in Marin, Contra Costa and Solano County, we can provide fast and efficient service when you need it. Our team specializes in fountain repair and maintenance and can be on your site on quick notice to provide fast, convenient service.

For more information on our Larkspur fountain repair, cleaning, and maintenance services, please contact us now on 877-959-7030.

Our Mission Statement:

To bring customer service back to the plumbing industry.

How to:

Not just addressing the immediate issue rather, provide options to prevent, repair, and maintain your system to best fit your family’s needs. We pride ourselves on our certified technicians evaluating your plumbing system to not only address the symptom but diagnose the cause.

Our Team:

Locally owned and operated, our team utilizes family values while servicing your home. All our technicians are 100% certified by our in house Master Plumber, back-round checked, and drug tested for your family’s safety. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you and we look forward to taking care of all your plumbing needs!

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Oak plumbing is fantastic. I had to employ them from out of state to assist my invalid father’s home repairs. I was very happy with the way they took care of him in my absence. Once I was able to check on things later they were done correctly and I will definitely use them in the future.

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