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Pinole Drain Repair


Have you noticed an unpleasant smell coming from your home or building’s drains? How about slow or incomplete drainage when you take a shower or use the sink? Or have you noticed wet patches in your carpets, yard or around your driveway?

Drains can become damaged for a number of reasons, from excavation and construction around your home to intrusions from tree roots. Sometimes, drains can simply collapse or crack due to age and wear, requiring repair or replacement.

We offer a complete drain repair service and can repair everything from minor damage to your home’s shower, bath or sink drainage systems to the larger sewer drain that runs underneath your property.

Many of our drain repair solutions are no-dig, meaning there’s minimal excavation in and around your yard. For more information or to schedule a call-out with our plumbing technicians, contact us now on 877-959-7030 to speak to our team.

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How Do Drains Become Damaged?

Drains and sewer lines can become damaged for several reasons. Often, the roots of trees in your yard or surrounding properties can wedge into pipes in search of a reliable source of water, causing damage that can block the pipe from draining properly.

Other times, pipes can break or collapse as a result of a nearby activity. If you’re excavating your property and come too close to a pipe, the friction can cause it to break. Drains can also break as a result of earthquakes, flooding, and other natural disasters.

In homes and buildings with older clay or steel pipes, it’s possible for drains to fail over time as a result of regular wear and tear. With older clay and steel pipes, drain cleaning and snaking often speed up the process of failing, requiring earlier-than-normal drain replacement.

Whatever the cause of your drain issues, the solution is always to remove the broken pipes and replace them with a new drain line.

Our Drain Repair and Replacement Services in Pinole

We offer a complete range of drain repair and replacement services for both residential and commercial customers.

In some cases, your home or building’s drain pipes might be severed or collapsed only in a certain section. We can locate the exact area of damage to drain pipes using high-tech drain inspection cameras, letting us work out exactly where to complete a repair or replacement.

If the damaged area is easily accessible, we may be able to replace a specific section of the drain pipe for a complete repair.

In cases where a drain pipe is severely damaged, or the pipe simply isn’t accessible without major excavation, we can complete a drain replacement to provide your home or building with new, durable plumbing.

Our range of drain repair services includes trenchless in Pinole pipe replacement, allowing us to replace damaged or completely collapsed drains and sewer lines without having to perform extensive excavation in your hard, garden or around your driveway.

Act Quickly to Avoid Leaks and Damage

If your home’s sewer drain has been severed or collapsed, it’s important that you take action as soon as possible. Ignoring a damaged sewer drain can result in serious damage to your home, ranging from puddles of wastewater in your yard to mold, mildew and pest infestations.

If you notice common signs of a damaged drain such as water pooling in your yard, a foul smell around your property or cockroaches, rodents or other pests inside your drains, please call us immediately for expert advice and assistance.

Contact Us Now

We specialize in repairing damaged or collapsed drains and can provide fast, efficient service when you need it most. Our locations in Marin, Contra Costa, and Solano County let our team travel to your residential or commercial location with ease.

For more information, expert assistance or to schedule a call-out with our Pinole plumbing technicians, please contact us now at 877-959-7030.

Our Mission Statement:

To bring customer service back to the plumbing industry.

How to:

Not just addressing the immediate issue rather, provide options to prevent, repair, and maintain your system to best fit your family’s needs. We pride ourselves on our certified technicians evaluating your plumbing system to not only address the symptom but diagnose the cause.

Our Team:

Locally owned and operated, our team utilizes family values while servicing your home. All our technicians are 100% certified by our in house Master Plumber, back-round checked, and drug tested for your family’s safety. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you and we look forward to taking care of all your plumbing needs!

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Oak plumbing is fantastic. I had to employ them from out of state to assist my invalid father’s home repairs. I was very happy with the way they took care of him in my absence. Once I was able to check on things later they were done correctly and I will definitely use them in the future.

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