Sail The Day Away in Benicia Bay

If enjoying the water is on your to-do list when traveling to destinations with water sports and activities then here is a list of offerings for the city of Benicia, California.  From paddleboard and kayak rentals to sunset or dinner cruises, there is sure to be a water activity to delight you on your next visit to Northern California.

1. Bay View Charters

If you prefer to enjoy the water from a boat instead of risking getting a bit wet, then Bay View Charters is the place to call.  They offer sunset and dinner cruises to see the Delta near Benicia and Vallejo as well as private yacht charters for a more intimate experience.  The dinner cruise is one of the most popular water experiences taken by locals and tourists alike, and it is offered on either the San Francisco Bay or Sacramento Delta which are both equally beautiful and will create a lasting memorable experience.  It is good to note that to see more lights at night, the San Francisco Bay cruise may offer more of those views that are fantastic to say the least. 

  1. 2. Benicia Kite and Paddle Sports

For those who love all things related to boating, water sports, paddle boards, kayaks, you have found the right place to create a fun vacation experience in Benicia.  This rental and retail location offers lessons too if you need to brush up on your skills or want to learn something new while traveling.  Paddleboarding has reached new heights in popularity over the years and it is a fun way to get out on the water at your leisure, relax, take your time (as they don’t travel as fast as it seems) and enjoy the day.  Kayaking is another great small boat rental to experience the water, relax, and soak up some sun (it is still there even on cloudy days and sunscreen is still advised).  You’d be surprised just how much sun you can soak up when out on the water even when it is nowhere in sight.

  1. 3. Suisun Bay Ghost Fleet

If anyone traveling to Benicia is a history extraordinaire, this is a boat tour for you.  Just outside Benicia is a ship graveyard essentially with massive ships used during the World Wars.  These ships are awaiting the scrapyard as they have rusted paint, and are actually slowly polluting the water due to unnatural elements wearing off over time.  However, this is a sight to be seen for anyone who studied history in the war era as it had a huge impact on countries all over the world.  Now when visiting Benicia, you can see these ships before they are headed for real destruction after not being used for so long.  

All in all, Benicia is a great small quaint town to visit and experience the outdoors via the vast waterways from the Sacramento delta nearby to the bay.  There are boats you can rent, paddle out on, or take a sunset or dinner cruise for a few hours out involving less physical activity after traveling.  Whichever way you choose to see the area by land or sea, make sure you create a memorable experience for great stories of your journey when you arrive back home.