Sports And Outdoors in Vacaville

When it is time to get away from the daily grind, the city of Vacaville offers a great place to take time off and rekindle your relation to nature.  The area offers great outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, hiking, small rock climbing, and freshwater fishing.  Located just North of San Francisco and a bit East of Napa so it is easy to get to and great for anyone who enjoys sports and outdoors.

Vacaville is a well-known place for a weekend getaway.  Nothing is better than leaving your well-known city behind and exploring the great outdoors.  If you enjoy camping, there are sites in Lake Solano County Park, just North of Vacaville that offer great sites to even park a van or small camper.  The lakes and waterways are the perfect places to get your feet wet or swim in Summertime and enjoy a bbq with family or friends for the weekend.  Here is a list of a few things Vacaville is known for.

  1. Six of the Best Places to Bike in Vacaville

When you want to just get on your bike and ride, then Vacaville is the perfect destination.  Whether you enjoy biking for fun on a cruiser, speed bike, or mountain bike, you’re covered.  The first trail that is appreciated by bike enthusiasts is Alamo Creek Bike Path or Lake Solano Loop.  Both offer gorgeous scenery, nature, wildlife, birds, and the beautiful lakefront or runoff creeks and waterways that have occurred over time.  Lagoon Valley Loop or Cantelow Climb Loop are also great spots for a more advanced cyclist.  Lagoon Valley is one of Vacaville’s most beautiful destinations and the ride is about 9 miles long.  Cantelow Climb will definitely give you the leg-burn cyclists crave however a mountain bike is needed for the terrain.  Grizzly Island Wetlands and Rockville Hills Regional Park are also serene areas to get fresh air and appreciate the lagoons and waterways.

  1. Vacaville Craft Fair Series

Starting in November, you won’t want to miss the amazing arts, crafts, and gifts offered by vendors who travel far and wide to sell their goods during this series of events.  Check the website for to see what craft event is offered and when to get exactly what you are looking for.  From baby clothes, home goods, and crafts – this is a great group of events right before the holidays when we all are in gift-giving mode. 

  1.  Top 3 Hiking Spots in Vacaville

The first spot that is best for hiking with long trails and incredible views is at Cold Canyon Putah Creek State Wildlife Area.  The views from the top of the hill are amazing, the lake is so vast it looks like an ocean and you can see boaters below enjoying their time on the lake.  The second is Pena Adobe Park where you can also enjoy camping, boating, and fishing.  The third is Skyline Wilderness Park where you can truly see the skyline of Vacaville offering views of the hills from the top.