Water heater acting up and you’re not sure what is wrong? Here at Oak Plumbing, we pride ourselves on evaluating the entire water heating system and finding the cause of the problem, not just treating symptoms. Our technicians specialize in evaluating and problem-solving both tank and tankless water heaters. Maintenance is key to prolonging the life to your system, which is why we perform maintenance and safety inspection on every water heater we service. Call now to have your worry put to ease and know you are in great hands!

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Why Did Your Water Heater Fail?

Conventional tank heaters — water heaters that store a water supply inside a tank, instead of tankless heaters — can fail for a variety of reasons, ranging from leaks to the excess collection of sediment inside the tank.

One of the most common reasons for water heater issues is sediment buildup. Over time, as sediment collects inside the water heater, it can produce an unpleasant, rotten egg-like smell that makes your home’s hot water supply unsuitable for use.

Sediment buildup can also result in your water heater producing loud, unpleasant noises when you use hot water. Luckily, our team can quickly identify sediment-related issues and clean our your tank heater, returning it to normal function.

Water heaters can also develop leaks over time, particularly in pipes and joints. Even relatively small leaks can drain your water heater over the course of the day, resulting in a poor supply of hot water and damage to the area around the heater.

While some leaks can be repaired, others can signal the end of a water heater’s functional life and require a complete tank replacement. Our team can quickly identify leaks and let you know what’s required to return your water heating system to full working condition.

We Can Solve All Water Heating Problems

Over the years, we’ve encountered every water heating problem you can think of, from weak or inconsistent water pressure to lukewarm or cold water caused by damaged heating elements or gas supply issues.

Our team is very experienced at identifying at solving water heating problems and can quickly work out the best solution for every heater-related issue. We can repair:

  • – Water pressure issues caused by your heating system
  • – Inconsistent and unreliable hot water
  • – Poor water temperature, such as lukewarm heating
  • – Leaks from your water tank and its connections
  • – Unusual, “rotten egg” smelling hot water

Noise caused by water tank sediment

We can solve both small and large problems, ranging from minor leaks to complete water heater replacements. No matter how big or small your water heating issues are, our experienced team is available to provide the advice, assistance and repair skills you need.

Should You Repair it Yourself?

Repairing a conventional tank water heater is quite a challenging process, especially in the case of issues such as excessive sediment or recurring leaks, both of which can require the heater to be disassembled and cleaned/repaired.

Because of this, we don’t recommend attempting to repair your water heater by yourself. There are also safety risks involved with the repair of any gas or electric water heating system that are important to consider.

We respond quickly to all repair calls and can be at your home or building in very little time to provide a complete repair. As such, it’s always worth contacting our team before you consider attempting to repair your water heater on your own.

Contact Us Now

With locations in Marin, Contra Costa and Solano County, we’re always available to provide the hands-on service and expert plumbing knowledge you need. If your water heater is not working correctly or isn’t functioning at all, please contact us now by calling 877-959-7030.

Our team can provide immediate service, helping you enjoy the normal hot water without spending days or weeks waiting for assistance.

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Can your repair a water heater?

The short answer, yes. If the water heater isn’t too far gone we can repair it saving you lots of money.

What is a Water Heater?

Its the device typically found in a garage or utility room and it heats the water for your home.

How much does it Cost?

Every job is unique but we have standard pricing, give us a call for your quote today. Also keep a look out on our social profiles and coupon page for the latest specials.

How Long will it Take?

Every repair is different as there are unforeseen complications at time, please ask when scheduling your repair for an estimate.

Other Plumbing Services?

We also do plumbing repairs, water heater replacement and water heater repairs, tankless solutions and more. Give us a call for a quick run down of what we can do for you.

Why Oak Plumbing?

We are a small business, we are local, and we are reliable. Don’t waste your time with big chains or untested plumbers. Instead give us a call.