Sewer Video Inspection in Vacaville

You can rely on our high-definition sewer video inspection services to diagnose any plumbing problem—call today!

Your main sewer line is underground. Once upon a time, that meant you had to dig up your entire yard to evaluate its condition, but not anymore. At Oak Plumbing, we can use the latest visual technology to take videos and photographs of the inside of your sewer line while minimizing disruption to your residential property and lawn.

Our licensed and insured plumbers can accurately locate problems such as clogs, cracks, and leaks in the plumbing system and offer customized service that fits your needs. We offer fair, transparent prices and rapid response times. That’s why we’re the go-to residential plumber in Vacaville, CA.

After we find the cause of your plumbing problems, we can provide a lasting solution with sewer line repairs or replacement.

When to Schedule Sewer Camera Inspection Services

You should call for a sewer line inspection whenever you suspect that you may have a crack, leak, or other problem with your plumbing. However, it can also be helpful for finding faults before starting other projects.

Scheduling a sewer camera inspection before landscaping, remodeling, or installing a major element such as a swimming pool or septic tank can prevent unforeseen damage to your home.

Video inspections are also useful when buying a new home so that you can find and address any potential sewer line problems. This inspection will reduce costs by enabling us to perform minor repairs rather than fix more complicated issues later. It will also help you enjoy uninterrupted wastewater flow.

Problems a Sewer Line Video Inspection Can Diagnose

While issues with your sewer line can be challenging to diagnose because they occur deep in your plumbing, they can cause significant property damage if left unaddressed. Our comprehensive sewer drain camera inspection allows us to find the causes for problems such as:

  • Increased water bills without changes in usage
  • Gurgling noises from fixtures or underground
  • Unusual sewage odors
  • Backed up water and flooding
  • Simultaneous clogged drains
  • Lawn collapse

Worried about damaging your lawn? We can fix your sewer line without messy excavation using our trenchless sewer repair services!

Vacaville’s Best Sewer Line Plumbing Solutions

Our certified plumbers have years of training and use the best materials and methods in the industry. We will ensure that your plumbing system works as intended.

When stubborn clogs block your pipes, we can clear them with high-pressure hydro-jetting technology. Our water nozzles scour grease and mineral buildup without compromising your plumbing’s structural integrity. If your sewer line suffers from cracks or corrosion, our plumbers can use trenchless methods to repair your pipes while minimizing expensive and time-consuming digging in your yard.

You can make sure your sewer line is in good condition with our sewer video inspection services in Vacaville, CA. Call our team at Oak Plumbing by dialing 707-813-2559 today.