Oak Plumbing Club Membership

What is it worth to you to extend the life of your water heater and protect your home from unexpected plumbing breakdowns. An Oak Plumbing Club Membership is plumbing security for your home. Now for only pennies a day, you can help prevent costly and annoying plumbing problems. With a membership, you become a high profile client with priority response from our expert plumbers for any plumbing need.


VIP maintenance package (1 Year)
Flush/service of a standard tank water heater or descale/service tankless water heater. Also includes safety inspection of internal and external components of the heater: emergency water shut off, emergency gas shut off, anode rod, supply lines, nipples, any rust/corrosion. Includes a thorough inspection of the homes water and sewer system. Camera ran down the sewer line to inspect the integrity of the sewer mainline to prevent any future back-up issues. Auger all toilets and change out flappers if needed (up to three).

  • Inspect and test all emergency shut off valves for all fixtures
  • Examine water line connections for any signs of rust, corrosion, or signs of leaks
  • Assess your homes water pressure to ensure safety of all fixtures
  • Priority service for any emergency plumbing needs
  • 10% discount for the year on all plumbing projects/work


Standard maintenance plan

  • Includes 10% discount on work
  • Yearly plumbing safety inspection
  • Water heater flush and inspection
  • Priority service

Have questions or want to see if our Oak Plumbing Club Membership is right for you? Give us a call at 707-448-3567 today!