Gas Leak Detection in Benicia

Smell gas? Don't panic—give Oak Plumbing a call, and we'll be right there to investigate and repair any gas leaks in your home.

Natural gas is a wonderfully convenient and fast way to power many appliances, and gas line installations are becoming more and more popular.

Unfortunately, using gas does also carry some risks, and a gas line leak can cause considerable problems in your home. The gas itself is toxic to animals and humans, and worse, it's also extremely flammable. If you're worried that you may have a gas leak in your home, don't hesitate to call us. At Oak Plumbing, we care about our customers, and we’re the top gas leak detection company in Benicia, CA.

We’ll be there for you from detection through to the completion of gas line repairs.

Causes of Gas Line Leaks

Gas lines are typically very robust and made from durable materials. However, some factors can cause wear and tear on these pipes, which can cause a gas leak. These include:

  • Lack of proper gas line maintenance
  • Damage to the pipes from corrosion, dust, and dirt
  • Mechanical damage to pipes from earthquakes, tornadoes, storms or even just settling ground

While the most common cause of a gas leak is a broken or worn-out pipe, there may also be an issue with the connection between your pipes and appliances. Our team will take all these factors into account during your gas leak repair service.

Signs You Have a Gas Line Leak

Unlike water pipe leaks, gas leaks are invisible and difficult to detect. That's why all gas producers add a special chemical to their gas to make it smell like rotten eggs. If you walk into a room and smell rotten eggs, chances are you have a gas leak.

Other signs of a gas leak include:

  • Dead grass near your gas line
  • A hissing sound coming from either your gas appliance or pipes

We can also handle commercial plumbing repair and gas line detection and repair services in Benicia!

What Should You Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak?

If you suspect a gas leak, your first step should be to turn off the gas. Depending on your provider, you can either do this yourself or call the gas company to do it for you.

Open up all your windows and doors to allow the gas to dissipate as quickly as possible. Turn off any electrical or gas appliances and then evacuate your home.

Once you're safely outside, give us a call. We'll dispatch a professional gas line leak detection technician who will find and repair the leak as quickly as possible. We make sure that our teams have all the necessary equipment on hand to repair the gas leak without the need for a second visit. You can also expect up-front pricing and reliable service every time.

Gas leaks can be dangerous. It's important to have a reliable gas leak detection company on speed dial.

If you're in the Benicia, CA area and suspect a gas leak, give Oak Plumbing a call at 707-220-3185. We'll be right there to address your concerns.